Apartment & Condo Cleaning
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Studio Apartment

Flat Rate $135

One Bedroom Apt.

Flat Rate $135

Two Bedroom Apt.

Flat Rate $157.50

Three Bedroom Apt.

Flat Rate $157.50

Two Bedroom Townhome

Flat Rate $180

Three Bedroom Townhome

Flat Rate $180

Four Bedroom Townhome

Flat Rate $202.50

Three Bedroom Home

Flat Rate $202.50

Four Bedroom Home

Flat Rate $225

Five Bedroom Home

Flat Rate $247.50

Six Bedroom Home

Flat Rate $270

* Flat rate cleanings do not apply to post-renovation cleanings or if the premises has not been properly maintained by the occupant. In these instances, an hourly rate of Home Cleaning is $35. Please contact us for more information.

* All prices are averages and may vary depending on square footage.

Home Cleaning Checklist

✓ Make bed
✓ Clean table tops
✓ Floor declutter
✓ Clean counter tops
✓ Clean shower
✓ Clean bath tub
✓ Clean sinks
✓ Wash & sanitize toilet
✓ Wipe door handles
✓ Clean mirrors
✓ Wipe oven (outside)
✓ Clean sink
✓ Clean stove
✓ Clean counter tops
✓ Clean fridge
✓ Wipe appliances
✓ Clean microwave (inside)
All Areas
✓ Empty garbage bins
✓ Dust furniture
✓ Dust surfaces
✓ Mop floors
✓ Vacuum floors
✓ Clean accessible windows
✓ Clean inside oven
✓ Move in/move out cleaning
✓ Clean baseboards
✓ Deep cleaning

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